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This Site

I've always wanted to share my photography with people and take them to some "places" that they might not have the opportunity to. Hopefully, with this website, I can accomplish that. The beauty of a photograph is it's ability to "take you there", if for just a brief moment in time. Whether it's a majestic Key West sunset or just another view from the windshield...


I bought my first 35mm camera in 1981 and began then, what has become a photographic journey across 3 continents, through 49 states, a couple islands and countless "backyards". Not to mention a predicament or two, or three... LOL. "OldDawgs" comes from several places. An old nickname, a Tom T Hall song and a change in philosophy...

Viewing Tips

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I use image-maps/hotspots for links so make sure you roll-over photos.
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Gray Scale
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Photographic Equipment

The photos appearing within this site were taken with the following cameras:
  • Minolta XG-1
  • Minolta XD-11
  • Minolta Maxxum 7

Technical Details

All photography on this site was taken on 35mm film, unless otherwise noted. I mainly use Kodak film. About a 50/50 mix between slide and print film. I like slide film personally, truer colors. The ability to see the slide from a projector is a plus and getting to see it drive-in style in the backyard is just to cool...       ; )

I currently scan my slides/negatives at a native resolution ranging from 1200 to 2400dpi, and save them in TIFF format. This becomes my archive image. I then correct the image using Paint Shop Pro 8 from Jasc Software and save a copy in JPEG format. This becomes my working image for all changes, leaving the original scan untouched.

I use some Java-Script to hide my E-Mail address from Spammer Robots to avoid unwanted e-mails. If you don't allow Java-Script and still wish to e-mail us - use "WoofMasters" at - be sure to include "No Java" in the subject line.


All text and images copyright DJ Pochek

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